Quite little town called Gualala

Birds Playing in the Gualala River

Birds Playing in the Gualala River

Last week I took a small road trip to a quite little small town named Gualala in California. If you ask anyone in California, they would not have heard of this place. It’s a beach town about 100 miles north of San Francisco on Highway 1.

The place was a perfect weekend getaway. It takes about 3-4hrs to drive up there from South Bay which isn’t too bad considering the awesome scenic drive through Hwy-1. There is not much cell phone reception there, so it’s perfect to shut off from the outside world, there is however internet in the hotels so you are not completely out of touch.

My motto for this trip and vacation was to do nothing. Just relax, enjoy the nature and catch up on my reading and writing. And indeed it was a treat. Here is the view from my hotel balcony in the evening.


The room faces the Gualala River which faces the Pacific Ocean, so in the night when the lights are out, only thing you can see outside is dark sky with beautiful stars twinkling in the sky and the sound of ocean waves. I didn’t realize how long it has been since I saw the stars. It was a completely different experience sleeping to the sound of ocean waves, felt as though I was sleeping on the ocean.

Morning was no less, the beautiful views of the ocean, watching different people playing at the beach, kayaking at the river and birds stopping by at our balcony was a treat to the eyes. It was perfect to work on my next book. I was able to get a lot covered and also watch the sunset besides eating, sleeping and relaxing.

Sometimes, all you need to reinvent yourself is peace of mind.

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