Millions of coffee, each has a story to tell

coffeeAround 15-20years back, there were no formal coffee shops. There used to be shops which sell coffee but not something with an ambience of coffee shops in present day. Although I am not a big coffee lover but I do like coffee shops just because most of them are small, cozy, you can sit by yourself in a corner doing nothing or doing something important with nobody to disturb or ask what you are up to. It gives me lot of peace, lot of time to reflect upon.

Starbucks alone has an average of 5million people visiting their US stores everyday that would roughly be close to 500 people per store. If you just sit there and observe the different people coming into the store every day, you can make a movie out of it.

Many times I go sit in the coffee shop when I have to concentrate on finishing my book or blog about something new. It gives me lot of new ideas. Although you would think that to get a good idea you need silence and peace of mind and coffee shop would be the last place to achieve that, yet I go there to get inspiration. There is something there being away yet being close to people. Observing strangers – some fighting, some loving, some are in a hurry while some are making business deals, everyone has a story to share.

Long time back when I was searching about things to do around LA Downtown, I came across this interesting article which amazed me after I read it. It said that one of the best and easiest way to experience LA is to sit in Union Station in Los Angeles and observe people. Fortunately I did get a chance to do that once, when I had some time to kill waiting for my train to orange county. I definitely saw a different side of LA that I had not seen before.

I remember the tagline by a famous coffee chain – “A lot can happen over coffee”, and now I realize what they mean. I read an article today about companies trying out robot baristas as opposed to coffee stores. I am sure, it is a good idea and may even work well considering the fast paced world we all are in, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the coffee shops. People don’t go there just for the coffee, there is much more to it.

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