A different way of viewing stress

stressEveryone has their own way of coping with problems and stress. Some cry, some eat, some fight, some go out on a long drive, some throw/break things, some give the silent treatment and some simply don’t react. The number one cause of stress is people around. No matter how much we try to avoid such people, they are still part of our lives and the sooner we learn to deal with them the better.

Lot of people say that their workplace sucks, they do not enjoy working there, they are not motivated to do anything efficient. Well bad news my dear friends – workplace is what you make it to be. No place is perfect and there is no such thing as an ideal job. No matter where you go you will find the same kinds of people, same kind of situation and eventually you will start hating everything there as well. Have you ever thought if the problem could be within your mind?

Most of us do not like change. We fear to step out of our comfort zone. This is the beginning of the problem. We are happy in our own world and the moment there are changes in the organization, work, hierarchy etc, we fear the worst. Have you ever thought that change could be good?

Second important problem is the constant pressure to impress others. Believe it or not most of us spend our lives trying to impress others. Be it our parents, friends, colleagues, boss or someone else. Is it really important to impress others?

One of the easiest way of dealing with stress is to think about what can go wrong, meaning what do you lose if things don’t happen the way you want. What is at stake? For example, if you don’t impress your boss – what do you lose? A good bonus? Salary Hike? Promotion? Are there other ways to achieve this – hell, yes. Is the stress worth the pain? That is for you to decide.

Sometimes, all it takes is using your best judgment. But not many of us are able to do in certain situations. One the main reasons for that is the fear of losing.

Stress can cause serious health effects. Trust me, I am saying this from personal experience. So anytime you have to make a choice between getting stressed about something petty or being happy – weigh if it is worth taking the stress? The answer in most cases would be a no.

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