How to feel comfortable being an introvert

introvertI have been an introvert ever since I knew myself and to be honest my parents did not make a big deal out of it and try to convert me into an extrovert. Instead they learnt and accepted very early on in their life that their son is going to be the outspoken one while their daughter will be the quiet one.

As I grew up and faced the world, I did feel pressurized by society as in college and at work to speak up, to be outgoing and at times I even felt that why didn’t my parents force me into being more outgoing. Why didn’t they encourage me into public speaking? But then as years passed by, I learnt to accept that I was wrong and my parents were right.

I was wrong to think that I needed to change myself into an extrovert to survive in this world. I stopped trying to make myself like the person who talks a lot to prove his point. Instead I noticed that all I needed was to do the work to prove my point. I still did get noticed everywhere I go. I realized that being silent was my greatest energy – it gave me great ideas, help me focus more on work and do a good job.

That doesn’t mean that extroverts are all bad. The world needs both. Sometimes being an introvert you may feel insecure about not being able to survive in a world full of extroverted people but remember some of the greatest people of all times – Einstein or Newton, Gandhi or Barack Obama were all introverts.

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