There used to be a time when I was the youngest

youngEight years back when I first joined work, I was the youngest in the team. It was nice to be the young and talented. People admire you; sometimes envy you too for achieving something great at a very young age (if at all you achieve something). I used to work day and night, literally spend my whole day at work.

I didn’t have a family to go back to. I lived alone, so I spent most of my time at work. Have breakfast there, lunch and dinner. There were days when I returned back home at 5am in the morning. As I enter my apartment I could hear the neighbor taking his morning shower or smell the coffee brewing from the nearby coffee shop. I never complained, I enjoyed my life.

A few years later, I still enjoyed working hard but now I wanted rewards. By now I had learnt that nothing is free. I am not here to do charity work.

A few more years later, I wasn’t as passionate as I was earlier. I now seek to go home in the evenings and do things that I like doing – like hanging out with friends, go shopping, get a drink, catch a movie or just go home and retire.

And right now, I am not the youngest anymore. I am in the mid category. I wait for 6pm so I can go back home. I plan about what to cook, how to decorate my garden, where to go during long weekends.

When I see the young folks at work, I feel old and then I look back and say to myself – I was like this just a couple years ago. Full of energy, full of enthusiasm, full of life. What has happened to me now? Is it age or is it the nature of work? I still feel excited about gardening and art work but over the time my interests has changed. I changed from a workaholic to someone who just does their job and spends the rest of the time exploring things to make my life happy.

Am I happy now, hell yes? Was I happy back then? I do not know. My life was so fast paced back then that I did not have time to stop and think if I am happy. I guess after a point in life we all reach that stage where we slow down and start doing things that are meaningful and what makes us happy.

Btw, I am not a 50 year old lady nagging about early young ages, I am just 30. 🙂

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