How to let go of stress?

stressMost people get stressed at work – stress about deadlines, about crappy coworkers, about lousy job, horrible boss and what not. Then they come back home hoping for some good times. But then home is no paradise either. That is another stress factory – stress about kids, their homework, the neighbors potluck, doing laundry, cleaning bathroom, in laws, expenses and what not.

But what exactly is causing all these stress? Is it your crappy workplace or horrible family? No – it is your expectations towards them. People go to work with wrong expectations. You expect that others will do things to make you happy – for example you want your boss to come and praise you, you want your coworkers to listen to you, you want the management to take your ideas and do things according to you. Setting that wrong expectation is the cause of your stress.

Even at home, you expect life to be like a fairy tale with house made of cake and chocolates and prince charming coming to save you from all harm and danger. Well bad news, houses are not made with chocolates and there is no such thing called prince charming. But we all have a decent house and a loving family; we need to learn to live with what we have.

At every point of our life we have a choice – a choice to be happy or sad/stressed. We have to choose to be happy. We have to choose to change all the things that we don’t like into things that we like. And it is possible only with good attitude. Cribbing about your crappy job or lousy family is easy, think about those who don’t have a job or have lost a loved one.

Cherish what you have and see the positives of everything around you. Only you can help yourself out of the misery.

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