Not being there

beingthereEver missed someone’s special event and felt bad for not being there for their special occasion? There could be many reasons for it – most common ones being – busy at work, not having time, forgetting about it. The crux of most of the excuses is lame – you missed it, period. There is no going back after that.

All of my twenties were spent without the presence of my parents because I chose to move out when I was 17. And now all of a sudden I am 30 and sometimes wonder about my missed time with them. All my childhood time spent with them was mostly taken over by school activities and friends. Is life just about getting things over with?

I was in a long distance relationship for more than 5years with my husband while we were dating. After some point, it started to feel that may be we will never be together. Spending numerous birthdays and Christmas’s alone; loneliness had become a part of me.

Lot of people take things for granted. Not being there for your child’s first soccer game or recital is pretty big deal. Some people work more hours than the others but at the end of the day all of our goals are the same. To earn a decent livelihood and keep our families happy except that some choose to do it at the expense of missing out on valuable time with them.

I remember back in my childhood days my mom used to wake up really early to cook breakfast and lunch for us before she goes to work. And then later in the evening she will cook fresh dinner again because that’s the only meal we all sit together as a family and eat.

My office provides free lunch and dinner at work, so does my husband’s but we still choose to have dinner together at home because that’s the only time we get to be together in the whole day.

Being with your family and friends at a moment when they need you most is more important than any business deals or billions of dollars at stake.

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