What is your source of inspiration?


When I have to write my blog, the one thing that I want the most is solitude. I need a relaxed mind, no noise, not even music, things that are hard to achieve on most days. Sometimes I read books, sometimes a few articles or blog posts by bloggers that I follow and then after an hour of random browsing I am ready to write what I want. Sometimes, I just go to the coffee shop and sit on a corner, observe people around me and I get ideas for my blog.

For every goal that we have in our life, we also have an inspiration behind it. Often times we don’t realize it. For example, growing up most of us might have had the image of this person in the back of our mind – like who we aspire to become. It could be one of your parents or sibling, an older cousin, neighbor, family friend or so on. And of course as we grow the image of the person changes and finally transforms into the person that you ultimately want to be.

But it’s easier said than done. Sometimes, it’s harder to find an inspiration. You could end up following the wrong person for all you know. There are times when a person reaches his mid thirties and finds himself in the wrong place. If you ask someone looking at you from outside and describe where you are in life and where you aspire to go ahead, does that person have an answer based on his observation of your daily activities? Is that the answer you were looking for?

Sometimes you don’t know either where you are heading. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This actually opens up areas to explore. For the rest of us, it is time to look at your life’s events. To retrospect and figure out if you are going to achieve what you started with. Like Steven Covey said – plan keeping the end in mind. Find your goal first, once you have that, you will figure out your inspiration as well.

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