So much to do, so little time left

todoEver felt like there are lots to do but very little time left? I feel like that right now. I have a long list of things to do at every field that I want to pursue. And I want to do everything right now, do not want to wait. There are so many projects lined up:

My garden:

  • I want to grow my herb garden.
  • I want to plant veggies
  • I want to get some more pots
  • I want to get a fountain

My house

  • I want to build the library
  • I want to build an alter
  • I want to make a game room
  • I want to clear my kitchen clutter
  • I want to put new wall paintings
  • I want to get patio furniture

My hobbies

  • I want to travel – like a million places that I can’t even list here
  • I want to write books
  • I want to blog more

My health

  • I want to go swimming everyday
  • I want to play basketball everyday
  • I want to go for walk everyday

I want to live by the beach.

And there is more but I do not have time to finish everything together. I want to learn to be patient, to plan and to take one thing at a time. But my OCD is making me urge to do all at the same time and as a result I am not able to do anything. There is roughly about 80days left for this year to end but life doesn’t end there. There is lots of time to complete this list and many more to come. The key thing is to enjoy every moment of whatever you are doing every day.

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