Coming out of your own self obsessed world

Coming out of your own self obsessed worldI remember few years ago when a friend asked me how I manage to live alone. He was amazed (read shocked) to learn that life can exist by living without company. “I would die if I have to live alone” – this is what he told me. He and many others felt it was weird for a person to enjoy living alone.

Then there was another colleague, who was as ignorant as the guy mentioned above. She says that she envies me as I have so much free time on my hand. She even went ahead and asked – do I get bored over the weekends as she thought I had nothing to do during weekends.

I obviously did not explain the above two people about how valuable my time is and how much busy I am on weekdays as well as weekends. I just did not want to waste my precious time explaining about it to someone who wouldn’t even care listening to it carefully.

You would come across many such people in your life who feel that only their time is precious, that they are the only one’s busy and doing something worthwhile. They are so much engrossed inside their own shell of fame that they fail to realize that there is a whole big world out there that doesn’t stop for them.

I write many articles on similar topics, about how easily people jump into conclusions and judge people. You see a brown man with long beard in the subway and immediately you feel chills in your heart. Your mind wanders for just a split second to think what if he was a terrorist. You see a black guy and a similar feeling runs across your mind again, you don’t feel safe anymore in their presence. Well the whites are not the only racists here. It goes the other way too. They are often on the receiving end too(remember the dumb blonde story). The moment a person sees a blonde girl, he knows she is an easy target and can be bullied into buying something expensive easily.

The point is – our world is filled with many such people (including us) who do not understands others lifestyle. It may not be anybody’s fault, sometimes it’s just pure ignorance. What we can do make it better is come out of that shell of ours which we believe is the best. Be open to accept that there can be other people and other things far better than what we have known or seen. Doing this will perhaps help us be a wise person for real.

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