How Self Realization Transforms a Person

Self RealizationSomeone rightly said, it’s hard to get a man to do something that you want. The quote above is applicable for all human beings. People in general are brought up with the ideology that they are always right. Even if it is completely wrong, people tag it with the phrase “he’s different” or “not following the crowd” and encourage it. So if someone tells us something that is against our ideas or beliefs, it’s hard for us to accept. We feel that the other person does not like our well being.

Let me give you an example. All my life, I have being asking my dad to quit smoking and drinking, my brother to reduce weight and my mom to cook healthy. But obviously, they all did not agree with me and thought they are all correct in their own way. All of us tried to tell each of them that they were wrong but nothing really changed.

On the other hand, almost every person I have met in my life has commented about my diet. Friends, family, colleague, even strangers. I am a 30year woman who weighs 95pounds. Yes, it is kind of low but I am only 5feet tall so it’s not as bad as it sounds. I love to eat and try our different cuisines and all kinds of food but I am not a hogger. I know to set limits and maintain my weight. Regardless, people have to make a comment about my weight or the way I eat. It’s just gives them satisfaction.

All of us have flaws and all of us have people who care enough about us to let us know that we are not right. But what makes us change our behavior is not the people or money or anything else. It is our self realization. My dad gave up smoking 14years back and is finally planning to quit drinking as well now. I changed my eating habits to incorporate healthy food and take care of my health. We did not do things because others asked us to do. We did it because we realized, following our bad unhealthy habits will only take us down. We had our first “self realization”.

Some people get it early in life, some people get it very late. Bad news for friends and family is – no matter how much you tell someone, they won’t listen until they realize the ill effects of it them self. Good news is – everyone eventually reaches this point, and when that happens you do not have to do anything. Just sit back, relax and watch the person change.

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