Halo Effect

Halo EffectHere is a piece about psychology coming to you after a long wait. Today, I read about Halo Effect – something that is very commonly prevalent in our society. The video I was watching earlier about halo effect describes an experiment where a beautiful girl and a clumsy looking girl tries to get around the airport checkout counter with a huge luggage and we find out who gets helped first.

Needless to say, the good looking girl gets helped faster. The reason being one – people connect personality with success, they think beautiful people are more successful. And second – people want to associate with the popular folks. In this case, the pretty girl was definitely an eye catcher and being in her presence will make others also somewhat noteworthy.

This is so much related to our everyday life. Most kids in school try hard to be part of the popular gang. It doesn’t end when you get to college and also at work. Everywhere people compete to be included in the cool club.

There was another experiment conducted where two similar dressed men one tall and one short were taken across New York and people were asked to guess their annual income. Almost everyone associated the tall man to be making six figure salary while the short man to a mere $20,000. Again, this experiment shows how people’s mindset changes based on other’s personality.

I guess from these experiments it is safe to believe that personality plays a huge role in how a person is treated in the society. That doesn’t mean that you need to portray yourself as a different person than what you are. The key here is, such things are a boon or a bane (depending on which you are in) only during first impressions. It could be a deal breaker during job interviews, getting business contracts and other contests where first impression matters. But for everything else, you have time to show people your real inner self.

Although paying attention to outward appearance is important and you definitely should not neglect that but being pure from inside will always win all kinds of battle, no matter what.

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