Eulogy to my twenties

Eulogy to my twentiesIn less than a week, I will enter the world of thirties. Although after I past 27, I no longer felt the youth in me but now as I enter the thirties I officially feel like I am old. Life pretty much changes after this. If you are anywhere around the thirties – you know what I mean. All your face book feeds are either about friends getting married or having babies, or kids starting school. LinkedIn feeds have people changing job, getting promotions or starting their own jobs.

Kids down the street don’t address you as Miss anymore, they call you Madam. You start paying attention to what you eat. Watch the cholesterol, the calcium and other minerals in your food. Your body cannot take all nighters anymore, neither are you able to run as much as you were able to do before. You get tired easily.

Things changes at work front too. You are no longer the person who likes staying all day at work and also after that. You look for opportunities to go home on time. You start thinking if you are at the right job doing what you love. You start investing your time in things that you like and make you happy rather than just doing your regular 9-5 job.

You start investing and saving seriously. You sell your second hand Honda and buy a bmw or other high end car. You no longer live with roommates but invest in a buying a decent place for yourself.

You feel like life has started running on reverse mode now. You want to make use of every little time you have take care of yourself, doing things you like, being with people you love.

Life doesn’t stop for anything and should we too. We should continue to move along through the various stages of our life, enjoying every moment as it comes.

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