My unique journey on foot

journeyI am very proud of certain things that I have done in my life. Few of which are my adventurous tasks of bungee jumping, sky diving, hot air balloon rides but most important one being travelling to Toronto alone by foot. Yes, that’s right. I sort of was on the verge of getting my vacation lapsed so I thought why not take a trip to Canada.

I always wanted to visit Toronto, see the other side of Niagara Falls. It was a short three day trip and I did not rent a car there. I put down a list of places that I wanted to visit and luckily all of them were within 4miles from downtown Toronto. Of course Niagara Falls was miles away but I took a tour ride arranged from the hostel in downtown where I stayed.

It was a fun trip. There are so many things that you miss seeing when you drive around places. By walking, I felt like I was able to explore the local area better. I discovered restaurants – had one of the best soups there, toured the wineries, walked by the skating rink, took the train, went to the waterfront, sat on top of CN Towers without worrying about itinerary, missing buses or trains or finding a parking.

On my way back, I felt like I had accomplished something significant in my life. We all visit various places all the time but going to a new place and visiting the place all by myself on foot was a definitely a trip of a lifetime for me.

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