Peace comes from peaceful people

peaceToday marks the 12th anniversary of 9/11, something that has changed the way; the world looks at things now. A lot has changed in the past years, many battles won, many lives lost, many lessons learnt, many fears captured, some of us have matured, some of us have made peace, and some of us still struggle to cope up.

Long time ago, people prayed for money, food, rain and other things but the generation today prays for peace. We all know that everything that we do is of no use unless there is peace. People blame politicians, religious leaders for not being able to make peace. What they forget is that peace doesn’t belong to politicians or leaders. Peace comes from within all of us.

Ask yourself this question – are you a peaceful person? Is there peace in your home, school, work, among friends? If the answer is no, you know where to start. Unless we all learn to be peaceful people, we cannot turn the world into a peaceful place for the next generation to live.

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