What we see is not always true

seeI am sure you have come across situations where you believe and are almost 100% sure that what you see is true but later it turns out that you were wrong and someone else who tried telling you that earlier was right. Sometimes, we as humans make mistakes.

Here is a small story I read in a bulletin today – “A lady waiting at the airport terminal for her flight was carrying a bag of chips. She started eating it and noticed the person sitting next to her was also grabbing chips from her pack and having it. She felt terrible about it but did not want to create a scene. This went on until the last piece was left which the other man took broke it into half and took one half and gave the other half to the woman.

The woman felt disgusted by it and left the place as it was time for her to board the plane. Once she got onboard as she moved her bag to keep it on the overhead bin, she noticed to her horror that her bag of chips was still there hanging in the outer pocket of her luggage.

She then realized that it wasn’t the man taking chips from her bag impolitely, instead it was she who was taking it from his bag of chips. She felt awful about her behavior and even more disgusted about how judgmental she was about the other man who was happily sharing the chips without uttering a word.”

I am sure the story rings a bell about many such incidents that has happened in our lives too where we were judgmental knowing only one side of the story. Sometimes what you see is not necessarily right, you need to give everyone a chance to really prove if they were right or wrong.

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5 Responses to What we see is not always true

  1. Sunny Makode says:

    Perceptions !!!!!
    Everyone’s way of thinking and judging the situation or people is different.
    What seems good to me might be bad for others.
    Someone’s rightly says “Happiness is the enemy, it makes you weak, rise infidelity and under the scope of happiness we tend to lose our control”
    Morality… Yeah,Look for morality.
    Peace, goodness and everything will come in “sane way”

    Sunny Makode

    • Karan Kapoor says:

      Perception & Perspectives, one achieves with knowledge of exploring, studying & experiencing. One doesn’t has it from the start. One develops it over time. So some other day, you point someone & tell them about their way of thinking, judging people or situation, do a favor & ask whether that person has experience or not. It’s like insane way of debating without experience & knowledge. People who judge, it’s on some basis not blindly. Though they can be amateur but there are some points & inferences. Vigilance.

      • Sunny Makode says:

        That’s how I concluded my words over morality..
        I guess you miss on that point.

        I believe, everyone judges every other being , they are with. This is how we are.
        I would partially agree on your reply..

        Knowledge, it’s futile to talk over it bbecause it’s boundless.you may or may not know the surety about things that you read , explore.
        Wearing the crown does not make a king , in the same way I would say about knowledge.
        We can wander , we can expexplore, we can experience. but that does not always mean that we are the only one good at judgment and perceptions binding.

        There was a time when people believed Earth was not spherical and those who opposed the idea were severally punished.

        But during then , was it sane to punish those who contradicted the theory ?

        I believe the answer should be no..

        Some come out , performed experiments and gain “wisdom”..
        Knowledge was or is a stated process ..
        You can say a book is full of knowledge, but, you can never say it is full of wisdom.

        People hates those who contradicts them. Sometimes out of understanding or out of ego.but they lack the fact that
        Nobody is perfect, not even the planetery system, not even the universe(s)..
        Even without experience, a little larve or baby fish knows how to swim , breathe dissolve oxygen from water for first time after its birth.
        It’s fact that they observe the things from their surroundings or from their mother.
        We always believes that human is superior to all in animal Kingdom which is not true.. we set our thinking as like it.

  2. Great read ! Thank you Reblogging in my blog.

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