Keeping yourself always occupied

Keeping yourself always occupiedThere are some people who always like to be occupied with something or the other and then there are some who like to be idle. By idle I don’t necessarily mean not doing anything instead doing non useful stuff like sleeping, watching TV/movies all day and so on.

When my parents visited me last year on a three month vacation, one of the things I was worried about most was – what if they get bored here. I obviously couldn’t take three month vacation to be with them, so while I was out at work, what can I do to keep them occupied.

But turns out, they are not the sort of people who need entertainment. They did not have time to get bored. They kept themselves occupied by going out for walks, cooking, cleaning, gardening etc. Before you know it, the day was over and I was back home. I even got them TV and DVD’s but never had to turn it on even once while they stayed with me.

Even at work, I know lot of people who like to be idle. Being idle at work is something I always dread. That’s the worst thing that can happen to me. Work is one place where I like to get busy. If for some reason I am not busy at work, I get restless.

Other than the obvious consequences of boredom, staying idle also has many ill effects. Like people tend to get cranky, they lose touch to being busy; it almost feels like their minds have rusted. Occasional idle time is different but prolonged period of idle time can lead to really bad side effects.

Many people find it hard to get back to normal life after that. Even if you get back, you may not be able to perform your activities with the same enthusiasm and interest that you used to do before. It puts a halt on your progressive life.

The reason I am saying all this is because – life presents us with intervals of busy days and then intervals of idle days. Sometimes we cannot control the idle days. But we sure can help by keeping ourselves occupied with whatever work possible. It doesn’t have to be work related or related to your hobbies. Do something new, do something useful, do something productive. As long as it keeps you occupied without wasting the time, it’s good.

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