How much do you like food?

foodI might just be one of those few people who do not enjoy food. I don’t care if there is whole milk or skim milk or reduced fat or half and half on my coffee. I don’t care if there is red pepper or black pepper on my curry. I don’t care if the food in one restaurant beats any other food in the neighborhood.

I eat to live and as long as I have something that is eatable and healthy, I am good. Give me a loaf of bread and PB and I would do just fine. Some people think I am weird, some think I am a fussy eater but I define it as someone who doesn’t give food too much importance.

I love to try different foods. I have tried tons of different cuisines. I like to discover new eating places, some of which my so called foodie friends are yet to discover. The point I am trying to make is – food is important for all of us to be alive but it is not something that we cannot live without.

I have known many people who find it very difficult to give up certain kinds of food – like sugar, caffeine, fried food, meat and so on. There are some people who make it a big deal if the food of their choice is not available. Eating healthy is important but not having your favorite beverage one day or your favorite snack is not a big deal.

Spend your time and energy to worry about important problems of your life. Worrying about food should be the last thing on your list.

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