The other side of people

The other side of peopleI often wonder how different people behave in the presence of their boss or headmaster and then how much they change when they are out or alone or in the company of their friends, family and relatives.

When I first started working, I used to wonder as well as admire at the dedication with which my colleagues used to work. They would not waste time talking to each other unnecessarily, would absolutely not take any coffee/tea breaks, will work late and so on. But one fine day my boss was on vacation and I got to see a different side of all my colleagues. They came to work late, took 2-3hr lunch breaks and leave work early.

Human behavior and thought process is largely influenced by others around them. For example – a person coming from a conservative background changes his mind once he moves out of his home and mingles with friends during college. Most people change drastically after they leave home either during college or during work. Most of it is for the better, some percentage of it for worse. For instance I knew this kid from childhood who got into smoking and drugs once he got to college. He couldn’t handle all the freedom and money well.

You may often notice that friends who are close with each other for a long time tend to become mirror images of each other. We do not realize but over the course of time we blend in with whatever culture and social circle that we are part of. It is when we get out of our circle and explore something new, we  realize that there is another side – sometimes even better that what we are now that exists in everyone.

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