Some relationships are a blessing

relationshipThere are some people who are hard to please, come with a lot of baggage and are hostile and then there are some who are light hearted, easy going and easy to maintain. It doesn’t take too much effort to get close to them and have fun.

About a year ago, I came to know that I have a distant relative living close by, someone I did not know existed.

When my parents visited me last year, I decided to take them to the relative’s place and meet them. We weren’t sure what to expect from them. This was our first meeting after all. I was thinking what I would do if 20years from now some far away kin tries to contact me and get in touch with me.

Most people instantly think that the person wants something from you or will cause trouble. Why else would anyone take the pain to find out about a distant relative and try to meet them. Anyway with all these thoughts and questions in mind, we finally went to their place.

To our surprise we were greeted by a very welcoming and warm couple. They looked like an exact replica of my parents. The aunt had cooked a variety of authentic food for us for the dinner. Uncle had the finest of wine for us to try.

They were very sociable. They took us for a short tour around the city as well. In the next 24 hours we became very close to them, shared various childhood stories about friends and relatives that were common to both of us.

After having a wonderful stay with them, we headed back home next day. As we were leaving, I knew that I have now found a home away from home here.

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