I am not a good leader but a great follower

followerWe have been taught right from the beginning to be a great leader. The society treats leaders as the most important entities – which is probably true but that doesn’t mean that followers are small or mediocre.

A leader is known by the qualities of his followers. Imagine if the whole world strives to become leaders, we will be left with a world full of leaders and no followers at all. Sometimes it is good to be a follower.

A follower, follows the teachings of the leader and does his best to implement them. He basically is the one who practices the leaders teaching. If you are one of those who pays attention to practice rather than preach then follower is the person to be.

Being a follower does not mean that one is weak, instead the follower exhibits a quality of determination, hard work and commitment. So next time someone makes you feel bad for not being a good leader, do not worry about it. For a person is not a leader unless he has good followers like you and me.

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