What not to do when you’re angry?

angryAnger is the worst of all human emotions. It can bring the worst of a person and lead to unwanted consequences. No matter how much one tries, there is always a point when you lose it and give in to your anger. Sometimes, it leads you to do things that you are ashamed of. Here are some things that you shouldn’t do when you are angry

1. Do not put anything in writing: Do not write emails, official or personal while you are angry. If you need to vent it out, use a personal journal or blog which is private only to you. Chances are you will regret it but words once written cannot be erased.

2. Do not speak to anyone: Another important motto to follow when angry is to not speak. The best thing one can do to avoid any unnecessary conflict while angry is to remain silent. A person in at an elevated state of mind while angry, this combined with some unwanted conversation is a perfect recipe for a conflict. Avoid speaking at all cost when angry.

3. Do not react: One of the most important things to learn to do while angry is to learn to not react. 99% of the time reacting in anger results in negative results, either for you or for all parties involved. Stay away and do not react, just walk away from people or let them know that you will get back on the topic later.

4. Do not drive: A disturbed mind is not the ideal state for driving. Many people try to run away from anger and bitterness and when they do that they often take their car and keep driving to eternity. This is very dangerous not just for you but for others in the road as well. Never drive when angry instead go for a walk or run. Walk to the park or the coffee shop or mall, something that will change your environment and mood.

You are not yourself when angry and it is very likely that after few hours or days, you will regret everything you said and did while you were angry. But most of the time, it is too late to make amends after such behavior. The best thing to do is try to follow the don’ts above and avoid feeling bad later.

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