Is summer already over?

Is summer already overWe may still have about a month of summer left for this year but I still feel like it never came. Both in terms of weather and relaxation this summer was very hectic. Having joined a new job 4 months ago and moving to Northern California, my life changed completely.

When winter was almost getting over, I was anxiously waiting for spring and summer to arrive, the day light savings to stop so I can start going for my long evening walks again. But little did I know that my work-life balance is going for a toss in the next few months. And as an icing to the cake, the weather never became warm. I would get a little bit of sunshine and warmth around noontime and by evening, it’s cold and windy again.

Thanks to a nice heat wave in mid June this year, I got a glimpse of the sunny Southern California weather for a week. Of course my happiness was short-lived. California is always been known for its perfect weather, it’s neither too hot in summers nor too cold in winters and yet we find a way to complain.

It’s only first week of August and believe it or not, it’s freaking cold from 8pm-8am here. The skies are overcast most mornings – whatever happened to rising to sunshine.

Just like the weather, time went by fast as well. I did not have any vacations or bbq’s or trips this year so far. Buy hey; it’s not over until it’s really over. I still got a month left. Who knows I might still be able to plan that vacation and enjoy the summer sunshine in these last few days of summer.

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