Having a fruitful weekend

weekendHow do you ensure you have a fruitful weekend? When I ask this question, everyone comes up with their own different answers. For some, sleeping in is the best way to spend their weekend, for some its partying, for some it is to do outdoor activity, for some to just catch up on things and relax.

 No matter what your idea is about the weekend, it is important that you have fun and fruitful weekend. This can be achieved if you do not indulge in work or other related activities that you usually do during weekdays.

 Some useful tips below to disconnect from work:

1. Stay away from office laptop

2. Do not check work email

3. If possible stay away from cell phone altogether and explore the world without smart phones.

4. Do not meet work colleagues for beer during weekend, most colleagues talk about work even during happy hour.

5. Got out of town or meet up old buddies that you haven’t caught up with for long time.

6. Try to involve some physical activity as well such as a game of volley ball or tennis.

7. If you are a stay at home person, then try to relax, watch some movie or cook something new.

Have a fun filled weekend.

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