Stereotyping people

stereotypeMost people think of engineers as someone who is nerd, has no fun and likes stuff that has some sort of science attached to it. The kind of people who are glued to their computers or workplace 24/7, who have fun by solving puzzles and who like computer games as opposed to real games.

I am an engineer and trust me, I do not like any of the stuff I mentioned above. I do not like computer games, I would love to travel anyway as opposed to staying at home, I like to spend time on my garden and fish pond and when I am at home – I try not work. And yes, I do not know how to fix a computer hardware.

Being an engineer does however gives me an upper hand in terms of troubleshooting things at home. For example, if the circuit is down, instead of calling the electrician – I might check the switches myself to make sure it’s not something simple that I can focus. Of course bigger things definitely needs help and I would summon it based on the needs.

Being an engineer helps in making me approach a problem in a practical way. Stereotyping people based on profession is something that has been prevalent for a long time, for example teachers or army-men are considered disciplined people. A persons background and profession does play a role in determining their behavior to some extent, however how they turn out to be eventually is totally dependent on the person’s upbringing and the choices he/she makes during the course of their life.

The point is, no two people are the same – even if they are brought up in similar environments all their life. What distinguishes one person from the other are their personality traits that they develop due to the influence of people and circumstance in their life.

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