Have a little faith

faithHow many times have you double checked the bills from the grocery store or the accounting that your friend did for you? How many times have you peeked into your friends’s or spouse’s phone just because you were curious? How many times have you doubted your kids when they say that they did not drink at the party?

Sometimes it is very easy to not trust someone even very close to you. We do it either because we are over protective about them or because we are obsessed to get this right. Either way, we fail to have faith on someone who has given us their word either directly or indirectly.

We all know about obsessed parents. Some think their kids are lying and go to the extent of snooping through their mobile phones, internet messages and so on. Some spouse’s and partners do the same too. And then there are roommates, relatives and other people who are just nosey and want to find out stuff about you.

The key to maintaining a good relationship with anyone – your parents, kids, friends, boss, colleagues is to have some faith on them. Show them that you trust them and support whatever they do. Not having faith or snooping on them will only make them go far away.

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