Is showing off the new way to success?

show offI know this famous blogger who writes really well but attaches it with weird pictures (often nude or obscene or eye catching images) on his posts in order attract more readers. He does write well and he will definitely have the same amount of readers had he not posted those pictures but for some reason he does it. To me it gives an impression of a wannabe (I may be wrong), after he is famous through his blog so obviously it’s not the pictures that’s working for him but the content but still I often wonder why he does that.

I always believe in doing great things rather than showing off. I feel if a person is good at something, people will know about it and he will become famous for it – you not have to go around broadcasting your work or use other means to attract others attention. Obviously I am not all correct, unfortunately most of the world doesn’t work that way.

Even today most people need to prove their worthiness to others – be in parents to their kids, kids to their parents, individuals to their spouses, to their bosses, their friends and so on. Suddenly doing the right thing and forgetting about it is no longer the wise solution. Along with doing it right, you also need to project it to others.

In my last job, my manager often used to tell me, that others in her team doesn’t know what I am doing. I asked her if she knew what I was doing, to which she replied – she knows very well and is happy with what I am doing but that is not enough. In order for her to distinguish me from the rest of the crowd, I need to project to others that I am doing something worthwhile. I told her, it’s not my job to make others happy. My job is to make you happy and I think I have done that. It’s her job to let everyone in the team know what the other person is doing.

Obviously, that did not work out well for me. That was a world where you needed to show off. But that doesn’t mean the whole world works that way. Sometimes, people value your work, and these are genuine people who really care about you. The key to happy life is to make all the genuine people in your life happy not the shallow ones who really don’t care about you.

If you go around make the wrong person happy, then you will end up doing the wrong thing for the rest of your life and still be not happy.

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