The recipe of success

The recipe of successI am sure we all wished someone would tell us just as what to do to be happy and successful and life would be simple again. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. We all have to go through life’s struggle, learn the hard way and become wise. Although, there is one thing we all can very well do – share the knowledge.

There are close 7 billion people in this world, if each of them share their recipe of success, world will have 7billion ways to be successful. However that easier said than done. Regardless, here is my mini list of success recipes:

1. Never stay without doing any work : As much as we all love to stop working and take a break (or sabbatical as some call it), life doesn’t get any easy by doing that. Work provides you with financial independence, disciplines you ( you follow a specific routine), make you accountable for whatever is assigned to you and most important if you stop working, it’s very hard to get back on the market in this competitive world. Point is, never stay without working even if someone pays you to do that.

2. Always take one step forward : Always take your life one step forward. I am not sure who taught me that but I always like to take things one step forward. For example, if someone asked me to write an assignment, I will make sure to do put the effort and add additional details to it. It’s like putting your best foot forward and also your hand. (I don’t know if that makes sense, its 1.30 am in the morning)

3. Dream job can sometimes be good only for dreams : There is a reason it’s called dream job. It’s not meant to be real. Dreams are fantasies that we see in a subconscious state. Knowing what’s best for you is probably not possible. Most people’s dream job is completely different from what they are doing now and one of the reasons they like it is because they are not doing it and they feel attracted to if from a third person’s perspective. It’s good to follow your dreams but be realistic. Dreams change throughout your life – so does dream job too. Think about it.

4. Create your own success recipe : Last but not the least, each person is unique. What works for one may not work for the rest. The only person knows what’s best for you is no one but you. Create a unique blend just for you.

And lastly, share your success with others. Be an inspiration for others. Most people do not go through the pain of reading books or listening to motivational speeches or seminars about success. People learn by seeing others, by hearing about them. Be an example of success to others.

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