Technology dependence

Technology dependenceI am sure most of us have wondered at some point in our life as to how our parents and grandparents managed to get things done without technology. Just the other day, i was out on the road and felt like having a nice breakfast brunch. I used my phone to find a place, checked the reviews, got the directions and went there.

Getting directions to a place has been the most helpful thing i have used ever. I often wonder what people did before the evolution of GPS. Did everyone know where each place was or did they trust on manual maps? Whatever it was, people lived just fine. May be they had to work a little harder but it also made them more wiser.

I remember the days when I remembered most of the phone numbers, i did not need an address book. Now I barely know my own landline number.

Technology is not bad per say, it helps in making things easier for us. But then one would imagine that with everything made easier we may have a lot more time in our hand to do other better stuff. But contrary to what we expect, people have become more lazy. We get tired easily, we cannot do simple math and reach out to online calculator even for small things.

Not everyone is the same. Some people are wise enough to use the benefits and gain more of it, while the rest are not so wise. While we all know that everything has good and bad consequences, how we chose to use it is upto us.

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5 Responses to Technology dependence

  1. Reblogged this on Remora Philippines and commented:
    There’s a truth in here. 🙂

  2. genext13 says:

    What did people do before GPS? They asked for directions and asked actual people where a good place to eat is. Tech is replacing our ability to interact with others face-to-face. Good post.

  3. When I moved to Belgium I was amazed that EVERYONE had a gps in their car, but after a few months on those illogical roads, it made sense. But when it comes to traveling abroad, I think gps devices, and all the e-information in general, are a tool so useful it has damaged the experience. With that in mind, I’m going to go cluelessly wander an utterly foreign city and hope to find food before I pass out…we’ll see if my convictions withstand the hunger!

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