Is it so hard to be nice?

Is it so hard to be niceI always thought life is about loving and giving. Not sure how and when exactly I had that thought inculcated into me, but if I go back and think about any moment in my life when I was mad enough to hate somebody – my answer will be never.

That doesn’t make me a saint, everyone goes through their phase of anger, anxiety, misunderstanding and other bad stuff but how long do you hold the grudge, to what extent do you go to show your anger, what do you do in such situations is what makes the difference.

The other day when my brother and I video conferenced with my parents, we were thinking about an old incident that happened may be around 13-14years ago. My brother and I started fighting about something during lunch which led to a heated argument between mom and dad and then things got worse. Let’s just say a lot of glasses were shattered and food wasted (our dog had a feast later).

The funny thing was after the incident our whole family got together to clean up the mess and as a result reconciling as well. That’s what makes the whole incident so special. There is nothing else worth remember otherwise.

Life provides us with opportunities everyday to be nice, to behave differently. How much of it do we really utilize?

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