Relaxing in my garden

gardenDid I ever mention to you earlier that the best way to relax is to be in your garden. Two weeks ago I got the keys to my new house and with the new house came two other things – a small backyard with lots of plants and a small fish pond. I am very excited about the garden and the pond.

All the other houses that I saw while I was house hunting, did not have a yard. We even put an offer on couple of such houses, I am glad we did not get it. It was worth waiting for this one, as it is really beautiful.

Garden and pond also meant lots of responsibility in terms of maintaining the plants and feeding the fish in the pond. A week after I got the house, i went there to water the plants. And as i was watering the plants with the hose, I was reminiscing the memories of my childhood. Back in my home, my parents had a huge garden too and often while growing up one of my daily chores was to water the plants and clean the garden sometimes.

Although I did not like doing it back then, i still missed not getting to playing with the hose while watering the plants. I spent about half an hour watering the plants and filling up the pond (since it was ~90F) outside that week.

After I got back home, i called my parents to let them know how happy i was watering the plants. More than the happiness, the whole experience was so relaxing. I do not have to go to a spa or garden to relax anymore. Just sitting by the pond, watching the fish play around the waterfall was the best experience i have had in a long time.

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