Life doesn’t care what you look like

looksMost of us pay a lot of attention on how we look, sometimes even more than what is required. We want to have the perfect body, the perfect skin, the perfect hair, the perfect dress, perfect shoes and so on. We want to look our best. Sometimes we do it to feel good, sometimes we do it for others.

People do it to get attention, to get respect, to show their riche and sometimes just to fit in. Surprisingly, the world does work based on looks to some extent. I have seen instances where sales persons pay more attention to someone who is well dressed even if they are not necessarily rich and at the same time a shabbily dressed person is not taken care of.

The world can be biased but life does not. Life doesn’t care what you look like – everyone still gets their share of joys, sorrows, trials and tribulations. Sometimes we see a young person die and wonder why did that happen to him. Well that’s how life is, it’s not biased, its unique for each one of us and we cannot modify it by any means.

Lot of people feel inferior because of the way they look. This post is mainly for those to assure them that there may be people you come across in your life who will treat you different because of your looks but always remember, nothing stays forever. And the only thing that you should care about is yourself – as long as you like yourself you are good.

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