Things can happen in order, without panic

panicLot of things is happening in my life lately. I left my place of 5years and moved to a new town, I started a new job, I bought a home and I am getting married. Lot of anxieties, lots of surprises. For anyone who knows me well, this would mean enormous amounts of stress. I am the kind of person who doesn’t like surprises, who like things to be planned well, to happen in orderly fashion and to be perfect.

After all these years of stress testing, there is one thing that I learned pretty well, not to panic. I put together a list of things that needs to be done, I put dates against each item and I track my progress. Fortunately everything is going well so far.

One of the key things that I observed was to not panic and to take one thing at a time. Sometimes, we would like to finish everything on our plate at the same time. I have been like that and I still am like that in certain ways. I cannot relax until I finish everything on my plate.

One of the important lessons that life has taught me in my short journey so far is to relax, take things as it comes, enjoy it and traverse through its course as it comes. I follow my principle – that bad things doesn’t stay for long and eventually everyone succeeds. Thinking about the negative impacts will only cause more stress. I spend time planning the good things and decided to tackle problems one at a time if at all I encounter any.

I realized this way I am enjoying every bit of what I am doing. Most people get so stressed with wedding planning that at the end of it they can’t wait to get over with it. Such a feeling is not good for both health and mind. Enjoying the journey no matter what project you are in is more important than its success. Put your worries away and start enjoying life as it comes one day at a time.

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