Activity Theory

activitytheoryContinuing on my posts about psychological concepts, today I came across another interesting topic called “Activity Theory” proposed by a group of Russian psychologists in the early 19th century. It states that

“Humans never react directly to their environment, but rather, they interact with objects via mediators, which are tools and cultural means.”

Basically redefining for us what activity actually means. It is not just an act of doing something instead it is process of reaching a goal by utilizing resources such as people and other environmental factors.

Let’s take a step back and try to understand what it really means. Consider an end goal that you want to achieve – let’s assume your goal is to buy a car. Now in order to achieve that – there are various other factors involved –

1. Research on the cars that you like

2. Budget

3. Fuel Efficiency

4. Type of use

So basically in order to achieve your goal, you perform a set of activities that enable you to buy the car. These are the mediators that enable you ultimately to achieve your goal.

Activities also involve interaction with other people such as getting their opinion or feedback about a particular thing, seeking guidance and so on.

Life is full of complex interactions. Most of the times we never realize the amount of interaction that is involved in achieving something.

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