It’s hard to get back once you give up

never give upRemember the pain you get the very first day you go to the gym or start playing or doing some rigorous activity? Remember the days when you like to play a particular sport and then for some reason you give up or stopped playing.

Lot of times when we stop doing something either due to our busy schedule or some other change – like change or job or house or anything else, it is hard to start things all over again. I remember when I was seven years old, my parents sent me to take guitar lessons. I liked playing guitar and wanted to learn it but my fingers were too tender. They used to bleed every time I tries playing.

Eventually, I stopped playing. Many years after, I still find it hard to get back to playing. Sometimes when we get used to a routine, it’s hard to break it. This is applicable for both sides. When you are trying to start something new and when you are trying to stop something bad.

Take for example people who take a break from their studies, hoping to finish it later when they have time. The truth is, very rarely does it happen that people get back to school once they dropout. Especially if they are happy with what they have.

Even if they convince themselves somehow to get back to school, it’s hard for them to keep up. One because they are no longer in their twenties to run around doing their homework and assignments, two priorities change. They now have family to take care of, job deadlines that they need to meet and other things.

If you like something, do it. Never put it for later, it will never happen. It’s hard to get back once you give up.

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