How to remember things

rememberIs it just me or is everyone around me seems to have a bad memory. Amazingly, lot of people around me seems to have a very poor memory. They don’t remember what is discussed sometimes months ago, sometimes weeks ago or sometimes even few minutes ago.

I have been good at remembering things from my childhood. There was a time when I used to do know everyone’s phone number. But slowly as I grew everyone started carrying mobile phones, some carry even two or three and then I stopped remembering numbers.

I am still good at remembering birthdays though. Anyone who has ever mentioned their birth dates to me, I have it registered on my mind. But I am just not the type of person who would call up on their birthday and wish them, so there is really no point. But that’s just because I don’t like feeling obligated to making phone calls – more about it some other day.

Coming back to remembering things – I read an interesting article about it. People tend to remember things that are important to them. It makes sense. People are most likely to remember the Saturday movie time rather than the Monday morning town hall meeting.

There was another article which talks about how to remember names easily. Remembering names is hard especially if you are in a new place and you meet tons of people every day. One of the easiest way to remember names is to call out the name back immediately. For example, when someone introduces they say – “Hi, I am Bob!” to which you reply “Hi, I am Sonia, nice to meet you.” Instead, you should say – “Hi Bob, I am Sonia, nice to meet you.”

When you call out the name, your brain registers the name. It is highly likely that you will remember the name after that exercise. With every theory there are exceptions, like if you weren’t paying attention or thinking something else while talking to this person then obviously you won’t remember anything about that conversation.

The key is obviously to pay attention. I like to challenge my brain or my body in general. People often blame their body for their own weaknesses. I only say one thing to them – we control the body, body doesn’t control us. And if that is not happening right then there is something fundamentally wrong with the way you function the body.

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