Want things back?

Want things backHave you ever given away stuff and then regretted? Over the course of time we tend to accumulate stuff and when there is no place left to put new stuff or when we no longer need it, we give it away – either to charity, to someone we know or just trash it.

Many times and this may happen more often with clothes than other things, we feel like we want it back after we give it. For example, the jeans that you bought few years ago which you never wore. After its gone you tend to miss it. Now you cant have it back even if you want it.

Sometimes we give away stuff because we have no space to keep it. I gave away my microwave when I moved few months ago but after moving here, my other microwave stopped working and I had to get a new one again. At that time, I wished I hadn’t given my old spare microwave away.

Sometimes we give away stuff because we don’t know its value or don’t know to appreciate it. But after giving away, we realize how well the other person is making use of it and then we want it back. I bet this has happened many times too. We value things only after its gone.

What about people? Sometimes we fight with friends, relatives, parents, kids never to talk with them again. But once they are gone, you begin to miss them. Sometimes there is not enough time to reconcile.

Letting go of things is an important virtue but it is also important to not let go of something that you will regret later. Saying something bad, hurting someone, ending things badly – these are some things that you cannot take back and should never be done. Keeping the good qualities and you letting the bad ones go is the key.

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