Squirrel menace

SquirrelI moved to a new apartment two months ago and had given away all my potted plants from my previous place to my friends before I moved here. Few weeks after I settled down, I went to Home Depot and got few plants. I spent the evening potting each of them and was happy about the variety I had. But my happiness did not last more than a week.

A week later I found some of my new plants withered by the squirrel. I never had any trouble growing my plants before and suddenly keeping pots outdoor seemed scary to me. After inquiring to friends at work about it, I found out that it is a common problem that people often face.

Squirrel has the tendency to dig through the plants roots to look for seeds. Apparently squirrel hides seeds underground and later in the year, it goes around digging the ground looking for the seeds.

I searched around the internet for various home remedies to keep the squirrel away and found mixed results – from placing moth balls to spraying red pepper to placing rat poison. I did not want to try any of those simply because it may harm the environment including the plants and the squirrel.

I did however find a trick though. I had some spare patio chairs which I wasn’t using. I hanged some of my pots to the roof and placed the rest on those unused chairs. It’s been about a month and my plants are untouched so far. I am planning to make few more raised plantations as I believe the squirrel is lazy and doesn’t like to climb to get to my pots.

Hope these remedies work and my plants are back to bloom again.

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