What do you do when you are in trouble?

downloadImagine being in a situation where you are in deep trouble, the situation is gone way out of control, you can no longer revert the changes and you might end up losing everything. What do you do to save yourself from the agony?

When I ask this question to people – I get variety of answers, some funny, some that makes sense and some very dramatic. Here are few of them:

1. Run away

2. Commit suicide

3. Ask for help

4. Pray

5. Meditate

6. Talk to someone

7. Take some time off

Clearly the first two are not ideal solutions and should never be used, even though there are considerable amount of people who use them. Depending on the problem any of the rest of the solutions would work. There are many more solutions but let’s discuss these for now.

Most people resort to the first two solutions because they are too afraid of the consequences. They feel like running away is better than facing the problem. I read this story on news online where a women was reported missing for 11years but has been found. Apparently she ran away and decided because of stress after dropping her young kids in school. Sometimes talking to people or taking some time off to think about the situation helps. Even if others don’t have anything to offer to help, you can still feel glad that you have someone around.

If you think about it, nothing is worth running away or taking your life. The worse that can happen to you is that you will lose all your money, you may go bankrupt, you may end up in huge amount of loans or probably be in the bad books of few people. Anything related to money is never really important even though most people give utmost importance to it. Money is something that you earn during your life here but leave it away when you die. Having fondness to money is foolishness.

On the other hand if your problem involves breaking someone’s trust or hurting someone that is something you need to worry about and rectify. Even if you are in such a position, you should realize that time heals everything. So even if you did something very mean, if you repent and ask for forgiveness sincerely, I am sure you can heal wounds. May take time but ultimately it can be corrected.

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