Why do people get attached?

attachedI have lived in So Cal for more than 5years and I love it so much that I cried when I moved out of there to Bay Area for a new job. I wasn’t born there, I had just moved there for work and one would assume that you won’t get attached to something like that but for some reason it felt like home to me and I felt terrible leaving it.

Two months ago the dog in my parents’ house gave birth to four puppies. They are eight weeks old now and about time that my parents give them up for adoption but my parents are so much attached to the puppies that they can’t make up their mind whether to keep the puppies or give it away.

We all have our weaknesses and one of them is getting attached – sometimes to people, sometimes to animals, plants and sometimes to things such as house or money. There can be various reasons some of which are genuine fondness while some are just passionate liking.

As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, nothing is forever. Everyone that comes into the world has to leave, everything that you earn or make in this world also is not forever. You cannot take anything with you. Getting attached to things can only lead to pain in the future. Especially material things that are very easily taken away – like robbery, natural calamities, fire, loss in business or so on.

There are certain things that you have control on and there are certain things that you cannot. Not getting overly attached to anything is something that you can control while losing what you like is something that you cannot control. As much as you do not like doing it, the only way to prevent the pain of losing something that you like is to not be attached or to be prepared that everything has an end date and can be taken away at any time.

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