How to take back

takebackI am sure many of us have come across situations where we said or did things at the spur of the moment without giving proper thought. And many times the result of such an action may even hurt others. In most cases, the person at the receiving end is someone dear to us such as a friend or a family member. And no matter how much you try to undo it, it will never happen. What is once done – is done. There is no Ctrl Z in life’s keyboard.

Dealing with such a situation can be daunting and can lead to depression. But here are few steps to approach it.

1. Accept Fault: The very first thing to do is admit that you were wrong. No excuse or explanation or blaming should be done in this process. If you are guilty of something, admit it with your true heart.

2. Ask for forgiveness: Next step is to ask for forgiveness and make sure you mean it when you do so. Asking forgiveness just for the sake of it is not good.

3. Give them time: Most people forgive but that can vary from person to person. Some take few hours, some days, some weeks. In worst cases it takes months. No one takes more than that. Most people have a forgiving heart and time also plays a role in it. The key here is to give them some time to think over it. It may not be as bad as they thought it to be.

4. Don’t fix things: We may try to fix things by doing favors or buying gifts but these are not good for long term solutions. There are no hot fixes in real life. Let time work it out.

Last but not the least; don’t punish yourself for what you have done. You may have been at fault but after repentance there is not much you can do. Try to move on and start things fresh.

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