Is work more important than safety?

safetyI was at work today and one of the tube lights nearby busted releasing some smoke and electrical smell. I wanted to get out of there but everyone else was not bothered by it. Two other people reacted and called for the electrician but rest of them continued. The electrician checked and went and few hours later we heard the burst and smoke again. Again no one but me was worried about it.

I was surprised how people take things likely. I was reminded of the fire in Bangladesh factory where more than 700 had died. Did they also ignore the warnings? Prioritizing work more than life is not good. In today’s era, everyone has the ability to work from home. They could have easily vacated the floor and done a thorough check of the wiring rather than waiting for something bad to happen.

Lot of times we ignore small things like these which causes bad side effects in the long term. Neglecting your food, health and other habits and giving work your priority can lead to some very harmful lifestyle. Not just work or life, other things too. How many of you take your car to the mechanic when your check engine light is on? I bet most of us don’t until it’s really important.

Nature always provides us with small hints of what’s going to happen. We need to keep our eyes open and observe these and take actions to prevent them.

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