Paying attention to things that are important

importantHow many times have we been in situations where we prepare for everything other than the most important thing? Let me give you an example – a friend who is to accept a job offer was paying attention to things like salary, benefits, location, people etc which is good and important but forgot to ask what type of work will he be expected to do. Knowing what you will be working on is more important than everything else. If you don’t enjoy the work, then you will hate everything else. And once you like the work, even if you don’t make enough money, you will eventually make up for it by earning bonuses and salary hikes in the future.

 The other day my realtor was showing me couple of houses and I was not able to make up my mind if I like it or not. And here is what she said – “Buy a house in a place where you like the neighborhood, even if you do not have the extra bathroom or patio or storage – you can always build that later but if you don’t like the neighborhood, that is something that you can never change. The only way out is to move.”

The same applies for relationships and our personal life too. How many times have we fought without loved ones over something very petty, sometimes we even forget why we are mad at someone? For example a parent can sometimes be mad at their kid because he broke an expensive phone or scratched the paint on his new car. But is that $500 phone or car paint more important than your kid?

Life is worth much more than that. Look for things that are important rather than dwelling on something that is temporary and replaceable.

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2 Responses to Paying attention to things that are important

  1. Very well written and I love the photo you chose. That movie melted my heart. That is what loving is all about. Have a blessed day. 🙂

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