Missed Opportunities

opportunitySometimes you miss getting something by a narrow margin. For example bidding for an item that you really like on eBay but not willing to pay a higher amount which eventually leads you to lose the bid just by a couple bucks. After you lose, you realize that it was worth spending those few extra bucks to get the thing rather than paying a full price from a different store.

Sometimes we make mistakes. For example 4years back housing market was very low. Typically an ideal time for people who had money to invest on housing. But by the time I decided to buy a house, its already 4years past and the housing market is back up. You feel like you could have save a couple 100 thousand dollars had you bought the house a year before.

Then there are some people who make investment mistakes. I read about an investment firm who did not agree to invest in one of Google’s sister companies when they were asked to and look now where Google stands.

I am sure, all of us have such stories to tell where we decided to go against the flow and feel like we missed making a fortune or using an opportunity. But essentially, you do not really need those. Do not think about what you have missed. Think of it the other way – had the price of your house increased, will you go the seller and offer to pay him more money for the house? Or if the company went bankrupt will you let your money go in charity?

Missed opportunities are painful, especially if you had the choice of opting for it. But that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world or that you cannot move any further. My motto in life is to always use failures for my benefits. Failures are very important in life – they teach you a lesson. Missed opportunities are the same. Forget what’s gone, focus on the new ones. Present is more important than past and hence convert every single present opportunity rather than fretting on the lost ones.

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