The thing called bridal dress hunt

bridal dressWhen it comes to dresses, girls always find it hard to pick one. There are lot of things that goes into consideration before a girls picks a dress – style, design, size, color, something that makes them look younger, thinner, curvy and what not. It varies depending on the person. Add a thousand more parameters to that and you have the perfect bridal dress.

I went for a bridal dress hunt last week and believe me, it isn’t easy. I already had few designs that I liked but unfortunately no one had them. It was way too expensive to order them plus the alteration, shipping and all various other costs added up was going to cost me a fortune.

The problem with bridal boutiques is that – they cheat on making you believe that every dress that you wear is perfect for you. And then they throw out offers like 20% discount if you buy it same day. And then you have various other people looking at you trying on the dresses. Not a very perfect environment for an introvert.

I went looking for dresses to about four boutiques and was unsuccessful, after which I decided to give this last place a try. Although this place wasn’t my first choice, one of their designs was my all time favorite. I tried around four to five dresses but finally when I tried the dress that was my all time favorite, I knew that was the one.

I came out satisfied not because I found the perfect dress but because the dress hunt was finally over.

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