I like how people can talk endlessly

talkIn today’s world many people will argue that communication is probably more important any other skills that you have. Even if you are a rocket scientist, if you cannot communicate well then it will not get you anywhere.

How much of it is true in real?

I have seen as well as been part of both sides of the equation. One where people work a lot but failed to get recognized due to their lack of communication skills. And other where a person is successful purely based on his communication skills; even if that means that he is not suitable for the job.

Those who don’t speak much or do not believe in promoting their talent or work, believe that if they are good then it will get propagated. One doesn’t have to go around boasting or promoting their skills. I used to agree with that idea for sometime but eventually changed and here is why.

Very few of us are surrounded by people who care for us genuinely. Everyone else is selfish and care only what’s best for them. Your growth, your interest is secondary for others. This is more applicable at workplace but can be used in other places as well. However, amidst such people, there are some people who may be ready to help you grow or care for you but nothing will happen unless you make an effort.

Making effort doesn’t mean just doing your 9-6 work, but promoting your work is equally important. All you need to do is convince one person and he will take care of the rest.

I was watching a high school themed movie few days back. It’s an old theory, in high school many students struggle to fit in. But all you need is to convince the most popular student to buy your idea and the rest of them will follow you blindly.

Much of the world works pretty much the same way. And one of the most important tools to hypnotize people is to communicate well. So start doing it now, if you aren’t doing it already.

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