Dance everyday

danceI am working on my third book now, I have laid out the title and the chapters. I just need to find some time to write the contents of each of those chapters. It’s about staying healthy. My last book was about staying happy and the key to stay happy is by staying healthy and vice versa.

Dancing is actually a good way of staying fit. It has the following benefits:

1. You can do it anywhere – You don’t have to go out unlike other sports activity like – swimming, badminton, basketball etc.

2. You do not need any special attire

3. You need not learn it, you can pretty much create your own steps and follow the music. If you have a computer in front of you then you can try to imitate the dance steps from the video as well.

4. You can do it at anytime – unlike gym, pool and any other physical activity which is dependent on time and weather, dancing can be done anytime, anywhere – event in your bedroom.

5. It relieves stress.

6. You can make your own rules.

7. You lose weight – sometimes faster than regular exercise. Dancing makes you burn more calories than walking.

8. You enjoy – who doesn’t enjoy good music and dancing!!

I am the kind of person who likes to go out in the evening and take a walk or jog or play basketball in the park provided the weather is good.  I even got an apartment overlooking a park. But unfortunately I haven’t been able to go to the park a lot. It’s either very crowded or cold.

Although I live in California, I find it hard to enjoy my evenings due to the cold weather. I know most of my east coast readers are probably laughing at the previous line. Anyway, I like warm weather and even though the weather in California is moderate, it does get really cold in the evenings and I find it hard to do anything in the evening.

Dancing comes to rescue here since I do not have to wait for warm weather to go dancing. I can carry out my physical regimen by playing my favorite dance numbers and dancing to it. No more being a slave to the weatherman.

So next time you feel bad for not being able to work out. Go Dancing!!!

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