Benefits of Ice

iceAll of us like having ice cold water or any other beverage or munching on crushed ice to quench our thirst on a given sunny day. But apart from quenching thirst or soothing you during summers, do you know ice is good for skin?

I have been fighting acne for the last 3yrs and although it is under control, I couldn’t get rid of it. Until recently, I was aware that rubbing some ice on your pimple can help reduce the inflammation and bumps but it was only few weeks ago that I came to know that applying ice to the skin on a daily basis can benefit your skin tremendously.

On the advice of my aesthetician, I started doing the ice treatment (rubbing ice for 1-2min) every day morning and evening and I can really see the benefits within 2weeks. My skin has started to clear and it looks fresh. Plus, the treatment is free of cost and can be done at home anytime you need without fearing about any harsh chemicals or adulteration in the products that you may otherwise apply.

Those who have suffered from acne before know it very well, how hard it is to get rid of the redness, bumps and other inflammation marks. Applying ice not only reduces it but also helps the acne go away quickly. Had I known about it earlier, I would not have ended with the scar marks that I have from the acne that I got few years ago.

Treat your skin with care, even if you don’t have acne. Do not wait for it to go bad before you make amends.

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