Taking charge of your Golem Effect

psychologyFirst let me start by describing a little about Golem Effect. The Golem effect is a psychological phenomenon in which lower expectations placed upon individuals either by supervisors or the individual themselves lead to poorer performance by the individual. In simpler terms – “Lower expectations leads to lower performance.” It is also the opposite of Pygmalion Effect.

Most of us may sometimes be surrounded by people who constantly make us realize that we are good for nothing or do not have confidence in our work. This could be your superior at work, your teachers in school, your friends or even your family. Many times the negative opinion given by others about us is not intentional or was meant to be funny.

But lot of times such comments or negative expectations from those surrounded by us especially if it is someone we admire can impact us in a negative way. For example, if a child is interested in a particular sport or music that their parents think is not good for them and instead encourage the kid to choose something else will eventually make the child perform poorly in both places.

Golem Effect plays a huge role in work environment. Typical example is the manager-employee relationship. We all know that the managers have a set of low performers and a set of high performers. Typical once the manager has that mindset, no matter what the employees do, it is very hard to change. Also once a person is tagged as a low performer, the relationship moulds in a way that doesn’t motivate the individual to perform better. Eventually the person keeps going down in the performance grid until he reaches a point where he needs to quit.

There is always exception to these theories. In some cases, the individual is able to change from the low to the high end based on their willpower. This is where overcoming the Golem Effect comes into picture. The solution to the problem is very simple yet difficult.

One of the key things is to take charge of your life. Not let others opinions impact you in anyway. Believe in one’s own capabilities and do your best at what you like doing. Even if you fail, remember that failures are life’s way of teaching us to be strong. So learn from the experience and continue again. Eventually you will succeed.

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