How to identify a crappy workplace

workplaceWe have all heard and even experienced some very crappy work environments. Some of us might have even witnessed a completely perfect environment being transformed into a nightmare. We think that the key to a happy workplace is by doing your best and completing the work on time but sometimes there is much more to it.

Sometimes it does not depend on the work, it depends on the people. No matter which company you are in and how good you do your work, if you are surrounded by horrible people or bosses then things will take a downfall eventually. Sometimes it takes time for us to realize that we are in a bad place. It is not until we experience the problem do we realize how bad the state has become.

Based on my observance, here are some of the signs of such a change happening:

1. People think of themselves first than the team – Every individual’s actions are for their own growth and interest and not focused on making the team look good.

2. When some people are more overloaded than the others – In line with the above reason, this happens when people only think about themselves. They do not share workload even when they are free. Although there are some genuine reasons for this scenario but if it happens quite often then you know that it is due to the shift of workplace culture.

3. When there are more managers than employees – One of the biggest mistakes that growing companies do is promoting able members of the team in higher positions which eventually leads in a pool of managers that do nothing. When employees do well, increasing the salary and rewarding with other benefit is a good option rather than promoting everyone every couple years.

4. Number of people doing actual work is lesser than the number of people asking status – This is again in line with above statement. I was once working for a team where there were Project Manager’s, Scrum Masters, Development Manager, Product Manager, Supervisor all of them wanting to know the status of one task.

5. When management loses focus – Wanting to do too many things without proper planning is again the start of a downfall. Sometimes even companies with long term experience falls into this trap.

I am sure there are many other reasons. It is very difficult to change the workplace once it reaches this state. Mostly it takes a little shake in the roots of the higher management before things drastically change back. But if you do not see that coming, then one of your best bet is to get out of there as soon as possible.

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